HIPAA Compliant Email, HIPAA Email Rules and Regulations

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Secure Medical Email Hosting

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Secure Medical.net presents powerful secure & HIPAA compliant Email hosting solutions:

Secure Medical.net can work either over the Web or through an email client. Many of our clients use both, using, for example, secure email client application at their main or "home" PC, and using secure Webmail when using a PC at work or when traveling. Secure Medical.net operates independently from your ISP or other email services.


Secure Webmail 

When using Secure Medical.net via a Web browser (like Internet Explorer) you simply go the Web address of the Secure Medical.net Webmail login page. 

When you visit the Secure Medical.net Webmail login page a secure applet will load in your browser.  All communications is fully encrypted so you can rest assured your email, instant messages, and files are safe and secure.  Encryption happens automatically using much stronger encryption codes than our competitor's SSL/TLS connectivity. 

Secure Mail 

This secure email option lets you set up an account on your PC just like any other email account, and it looks and acts the same. 

When you use our email client all email you send and receive is protected by much stronger encryption than the popular SSL/TLS security.  We also provide Anti-Virus and Spam Filters. 

In order to setup an Secure Medical.net email account simply select your email address and password.  Setup takes less than 5 minutes and you'll be ready to send and receive email, instant messages and share documents with high level of security.

Once set up, your secure email account will operate much like a regular email account.

All accounts include Anti-Virus and Spam Filter. 

Through either method, application or webmail, with Secure Medical.net you are using RSA(4096)-AES(256)-powered secure connectivity, more powerful than SSL/TLS used by banks and governments.  At the connection point, before any login or password information is entered, you are communicating over a secure channel.

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Secure Medical.net is HIPAA compliant. Everyone knows the benefits of e-mail for sending casual messages. Secure Medical.net allows you to extend that convenience to sending Protected Health Information (PHI) and sensitive business correspondence knowing it will not be intercepted - ever!