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Secure File Transfer

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Secure Medical.net secure file transfer features helps you meet electronic data privacy and security obligations. Secure Medical.net protects document privacy.

Sensitive business documents that contain protected health information (PHI), financial statements or intellectual property can be easily secured and transfered to authorized recipients.

These documents can be exchange via email, shared folders and message boards. Your information is always protected no matter where the document travels.


Secure Medical.net's Secure File Transfer is an integrated element that enables enterprises to secure sensitive business documents and ensure regulatory compliance. Files can be securely sent to a single recipient, multiple individuals, or distribution lists.

Secure Medical.net's Secure File Transfer function provides the following corporate, medical and enterprise benefits:


  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements with ease: Secure Medical.net enables companies to meet compliance requirements such as GLB, HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11 and California SB 1386.
  • Secure any business document quickly and easily: With Secure Medical.net, any document (e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel Spreadsheet and Adobe PDF documents) can be secured to either a single person or multiple recipients in a singe step. This easy to use system results in lower support calls for the enterprise.
  • No key management required: Secure Medical.net manages key distribution and eliminates the hassles of ADKs or complicated key archiving.
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The one thing about a community, it always changes! Secure Medical.net makes it easy to add user accounts, share documents, images, videos, and more. Site administrators can edit and manage content, change access rights and permissions, and track your secure documents. Easy to use and intuitive graphical interface gives you complete control over your HIPAA secure email and files.